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Symposium Chair - Position Description

Mission:  To plan and execute the annual PSHFES chapter Symposium and Workshop event.


  • Work with the Council to identify the facility/venue, date, general format and budget for the annual occupational ergonomics symposium and workshop event for the chapter.
  • Work with the President and Treasurer to secure contract and down payment for venue and catering.
  • Develop symposium and workshop program concept or theme relevant to the needs of the Membership, and obtain keynote speaker(s) for the event.
  • Establish and provide speaker’s with content requirements and guidelines for presentations
  • Work with the Council, and the Membership to establish and solicit volunteers for the primary symposium/workshop planning committee roles; positions to include catering, advertising, speaker logistics, exhibitors and sponsors, vendor representative, and registration logistics.
  • Coordinate and manage planning committee member efforts as defined in the symposium checklist and timeline.
  • Coordinate with the Treasurer and planning committee catering member to develop the menu, obtain registration updates to notify the caterer, and ensure catering costs are paid.
  • Coordinate with the Treasurer and planning committee speaker logistics member to make arrangements with out-of-town speakers (lodging, travel and meal reimbursement), write speaker letters of agreement, and obtain presentation details from speakers for agenda, flyer and continuing education.
  • Develop and finalize the symposium and workshop agenda.
  • Work with the President and Communications chair, and advertising planning committee member to get symposium notices and updates distributed to Membership and other sources to publicize the event.
  • Coordinate with the Treasurer and planning committee vendor representative to solicit exhibitors and sponsors, obtain agreements and logos, and ensure exhibit and/or sponsorship payments are made.
  • Coordinate with the Treasurer and WebMaster to establish symposium/workshop registration cost structure, set up the on-line registration, and track list of attendees for badging.
  • Coordinate with President for the solicitation of nominations for “Ergonomist of the Year” award.
  • Work with the President to create the script, and each person involved, to detail all activities and announcements planned for the day of the symposium and workshop; including welcoming attendees to the symposium/workshop, recognizing the efforts of the Council and planning committee, thanking sponsors and exhibitors, introducing keynote speaker, announcing “Ergonomist of the Year”, and announcing breaks and session speakers.
  • Send Thank You notes to sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, and volunteers after the event.
  • Summarize attendee feedback forms and collect feedback from exhibitors.

Position Guidelines:

This is a voting Council position

Term:  1 year

Updated: 11/2012

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