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Treasurer - Position Description

The Treasurer shall oversee the finances of the chapter and the work of the outside Bookkeeper. In addition they will assist on maintaining the Wild Apricot membership site with the assistance of the Wild Apricot Database Manager.

Requirement:  Must be a Full Member of HFES.

Position Duties  
I.    Oversee duties of Bookkeeper
a.    Obtain and review chapter finances and reports from Bookkeeper
b.    Insure that the HFES annual Chapter Financial Report is sent by the Bookkeeper no later than January 31st following each calendar year
c.    Insure that the Bookkeeper files the chapter’s annual IRS tax return by May 15th in order to maintain tax-exempt status (Use e-postcard)
II.    Provide account balances and  income-expense reports to the council
III.    Maintain the checking account manual register
IV.    Provide Bookkeeper with information, as they request, regarding checks, deposits, debit card so they will know where to allocate the credits and debits.
V.    Provide the Bookkeeper with the PayPal statement by the first week of each month for the previous month’s activities.
VI.    Collect member dues and event payments, by check, or cash and do deposits to bank 1x per week. Try to get the payments by check in the bank the same month the check was written.
VII.    Open and review monthly bank statement
VIII.    Make payments for materials and services using debit card or check
IX.    Coordinate event payment information with appropriate chair positions
X.    Check for issues with online membership registrations in Wild Apricot routinely when people are signing up for events that require payment. When a person pays by check go into Wild Apricot and manually check that they paid by check and note the check number and date it was received.
XI.    File State of Washington renewal with the corporate division each year. A letter will come as a reminder from State of WA
XII.    Attend events where payments will be received at the door
XIII.    Manage the domain name account
XIV.    Assist other council members with general chapter activities, as needed.

Position Guidelines:
This is a voting Council position
Term: 1 year
Appointment made by PSHFES Council
Reports to PSHFES President
Reviewed 01/2015

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