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2015 Occupational Ergonomics Symposium 

Friday, September 25th, 2015

Symposium - Keynote

Inclusion- An Inside Out Perspective

Speaker: Gayna Williams, MS Ergo/HF
Founder, Swash Consulting
Former UX Director, Microsoft

Creating the right fit between people, activities, objects they use and environments in which they work, travel and play is our professional mission.  For best results, we advocate for all end users, focusing on why inclusion matters in our solutions.  But do we also value inclusion in the teams who develop these solutions?  To achieve optimal “inclusive design” and give Ergonomists/HF specialists the tools, environment and services they deserve, let’s explore typical systems and challenge how inclusion is supported and managed.  Join Ergonomist/Human Factors  Specialist Gayna Williams as she shares her insight on this topic.

Symposium - Speakers

Controls and Displays: Designing with the Human in Mind

: Lynda Enos, RN, MS, COHN-S, CPE

HumanFit, LLC.

This presentation provides participants with basic ergonomics design principles that can be used to determine if controls & displays are user friendly and minimize the risk of user error and injury.  Examples of a wide variety of poor versus well-designed controls and tips for designing to meet the cognitive needs of aging adult workers will be shared.

Lighting to Optimize Workplace Design

: Shaun P. Darragh, LC, MIES, Architectural Lighting Designer, Luma Lighting Design

Lighting has a major influence on our perception of the world around us.  Poorly applied lighting or daylighting design can cause visual fatigue, lowered productivity and even force physical changes to task locations and workstation postures.  Learn how we can use subtle changes in light intensity, hue, directionality and luminaire selection to optimize work environments to minimize physical stresses and promote wellness and productivity.

What Were They Thinking! Human Factors Lessons in Design

: Zac Collins, OTR, CPE; Bureau Veritas & Steve Russell, OTR, Ergonomist; Boeing

Functionality, ease of use, utility, safety, ergonomics and common sense – noble attributes for good designs, but designers sometimes miss the mark. The consequences of these head-scratching designs range from humorous to irritating to tragic. In the spirit of Human Factors Engineer extraordinaire, Don Norman, we will highlight some “designs gone bad” that will educate, entertain and reinforce the need for design principles that incorporate sound human factors principles.

Designing the Environment to Fit the Customer

Speaker: Brian Collins-Friedrichs, Principal; SkBArchitects

The art of incorporating the visions of the developer with the constraints of the space and finally the needs of the end-user is often difficult to master.  In the eye of this presenter, the real challenge and comes from approaching design in the reverse, focusing first on the art and end-user. Examples of successful implementation will be shared to emphasize how inclusion of all parties produces the best results.

IDEA - Inclusive Design and Ergonomics Acceptability

Speaker: Josh Kerst, CPE, CIE, Exec VP; Focal Upright Furniture

Every design decision has the potential to include or exclude customers. Ergonomist Josh Kerst will share the historical impact of good and bad designs of mainstream products and/or services.  He will present a new conceptual framework for inclusive design that helps to insure that designs are accessible to, and usable by, as many people as reasonably possible without the need for special adaptation or specialized design.

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