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Community Projects Chair - Position Description


Work with the council and the membership to identify community projects. Develop and work with the Community Projects Committee to developed the project, educate the public and members about the project and insure the project meets it objectives.


I. Oversee Projects
A.   Reevaluated existing projects to determine appropriate direction the project should takeB.    Solicit ideas for new projects and demonstrationsC.    Develop projectsD.   Arrange work parties to create materialsE.    Attend and present at appropriate events to promote the project and lead activities at events.
II. Recruit volunteers from the council, the membership and other interested parties for the project committee and events.
A.   Coordinate volunteer effortsB.    Keep and update the contact list for volunteersC.    Provide recognition for the work of volunteers.
III. Review materials related to ergonomics, and have other volunteers review them, or even field test them, as appropriateIV. Work with the President and Communications Chair to publicize projects.
A.   PSHFES WebsiteB.    Local Media
V. Develop budget needs and present this to the CouncilVI. Attend Council meeting and teleconferences.
A.   Keep Council members and PSHFES members informed about the project(s) status


Position Guidelines:

This is a voting Council position

Term:  1 year

Updated: 11/2012

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